Magic Curiosity Arousing Tricks (MagicCATs)

More than 100 video clips of magic tricks, which we developed for experimental and fMRI research. Here is a sample. Download related file

Summary-statistics-based power analysis Shinny app

A shinny app which can do power analysis for mixed-effects modelling with minimal input. Go to the APP

Shortened version of a syllogism-solving test (BAROCO Short)

A very short self-administered syllogism-solving test. This test can be used in a questionnaire survey.

Perceived competitiveness scale

A scale that assesses perceived competitiveness of a class.

Potential-approach and potential-avoidance goal items

Items that assess potential-approach and potential-avoidance goals.

Achievement Goal Questionnaire – Revised (AGQ-R)

A scale that assesses 2 x 2 achievement goals.

3 x 2 Achievement Goal Questionnaire

A scale that assesses 3 x 2 achievement goals.

Trivia Question Data Base

Trivia questions, memory performance for the answers, and normative curiosity, confidence, and post-answer interest ratings.