Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Thomas Gfrörer
Dr. Thomas Gfrörer
ed.negnibeut-inu@rereorfg.t   Orcid Profile   Research Gate  

I am a post-doc at the Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology. In my research, I investigate the development of dispositional interests over the course of adolescence. Besides mechanisms that can facilitate long-term change processes in interests, I am also interested in statistical methods for modelling longitudinal data.

Dr. Hayley Jach
Dr. Hayley Jach
ed.negnibeut-inu@hcaj.yelyah   Orcid Profile   Twitter  

I completed my PhD at the University of Melbourne in the areas of personality psychology and cognitive neuroscience. In my postdoctoral research at the Hector Institute of Education Science and Psychology, my focus is on personality, curiosity, and motivation related to learning, information-seeking, and long-term goal investment.

Dr. Rosa Lavelle-Hill
Dr. Rosa Lavelle-Hill
ed.negnibeut-inu@llih-elleval.asor   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   Website   LinkedIn   Twitter  

I am a post-doc at the Hector Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology. My interests are in how psychologists can leverage big datasets and machine learning methods to better understand educational attainment and individual differences in learning abilities.

Dr. Ying Lee
Dr. Ying Lee   Orcid Profile  

I am interested in neural and behavioural mechanisms underlying motivated behaviour, how they differ between individuals and how they are altered in persons with mental health conditions e.g. anxiety, depression. Currently, I am based at the University of Reading as a postdoc investigating ways of measuring curiosity. Prior to this, I completed my PhD at the Technical University of Dresden and conducted postdoctoral research at the University College London.

Dr. Stefanie Meliss
Dr. Stefanie Meliss   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   Twitter  

The scope of my research is to investigate the effects of curiosity on memory and how this is further influenced by the
availability of monetary incentives. In addition to behavioural effects, I am interested in the neural underpinnings supporting the effects during encoding and consolidation. As such, my work focuses on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). I use videos of magic tricks to induce curiosity to enhance our insights in how the brain processes and encodes stimuli closer to natural viewing conditions.

Dr. Claudia Neuendorf
Dr. Claudia Neuendorf
ed.negnibeut-inu@frodneuen.aidualc   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   Twitter  

My current research interests are high-achieving students and peer relationships. Typically, I conduct secondary data analyses in my research, using large-scale student assessment data. I am presently a post-doc at the Hector Research Institute. From my prior work in a research data center I bring a passion for Open Science (and Open Data in particular), replicability and research transparency.

Dr. Hannah Stone
Dr. Hannah Stone   Orcid Profile  

I completed my PhD at the University of Reading, studying how curiosity influences consumer behaviour. In my postdoctoral research with the Motivation Science Lab, my focus is on curiosity and interest and using a range of online experimental paradigms to explore these concepts.

Dr. Ryuichi Tamai
Dr. Ryuichi Tamai
ed.negnibeut-inu.osiw@iamat.ihciuyr   Website  

I am a post-doc at the Hector Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology. I obtained my PhD in Psychology from Nagoya University in Japan. My current research aim is to understand the human sociality and emotion underlying decision-making. In particular, I focus on the psychological and neural process when socially excluding others and being excluded from the group.

Dr. Alexandr Ten
Dr. Alexandr Ten
ed.negnibeut-inu@net.rdnaxela   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   Website  

I am a post-doc at the Hector Institute of Educational Sciences and Psychology. I am working towards an algorithmic- and computational-level understanding of various aspects of human exploration, including the emergence of situational curiosity as motivation for information-seeking, emergence of interest and curiosity traits, generation, selection, and pursuit of goals. My hope is to develop knowledge that can be useful in educational contexts. I rely on theory-driven statistical/cognitive modeling to explain data collected in behavioral experiments.


Emily Corwin-Renner
Emily Corwin-Renner
ed.negnibeut-inu@renner-niwroc.esor-ylime   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   LinkedIn   Twitter  

My research focuses on identifying and testing strategies to boost individuals’ motivation for learning. Prior to starting my PhD, I did my Masters in Neural and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Tübingen.

Manuel Hopp
Manuel Hopp
Lab Coordinator
ed.negnibeut-inu@ppoh.leunam   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   LinkedIn  

As a soon-to-be doctoral graduate, my expertise lies in the field of social network analyses in the context of educational psychology. As the lab organizer, I am responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operations within our research team. My current research interests focus on understanding the social integration of students and the application of complexity methods on functional brain networks of gifted students.

Alexander Jung
Alexander Jung  

I am interested in social factors, e.g. interactions with teachers and peers, causing motivated or unmotivated behaviors in pupils. I approach this research primarily by conducting secondary analyses of large-scale datasets. I see the goal of my research in providing information that can be used to create interventions to increase student motivation. I like to also address psychometric research questions.

Wy Ming Lin
Wy Ming Lin
ed.negnibeut-inu@nil.gnim-yw   Orcid Profile   Research Gate   LinkedIn   Twitter  

I am a PhD student at the Hector Research Institute for Education Science and Psychology at the University of Tübingen. My project will focus on how mental health issues and their implications on motivation and emotion impact our ability to achieve our goals. Some of my interests revolve around self-regulation and self-regulated learning as well as educational psychology.

Cansu Ogulmus
Cansu Ogulmus   Orcid Profile   LinkedIn  

My area of interest lies in the effect of social interactions on intrinsic motivation. I use both neuroimaging techniques (fMRI) and behavioral tasks to study my research questions.

Research Assistant

Name Where are they now?
Dr. Sümeyye Aslan
Ministery of Education in Turkey
Dr. Laura Burgess
Teacher at Bulmershe School
Dr. Ed Donnellan
Postdoc at the University College London
Dr. Greta Fastrich
Postdoc at the University of Southampton
Dr. Lily FitzGibbon
Lecturer at the University of Stirling
Dr. Vanessa Kurdi
Orcid Profile   Research Gate   Website  
Dr. Johnny Lau
Dr. Carolyn McNabb
Postdoc at the University of Cardiff